Professional in pulps and papers

We are a specialized trading house and sales organization. With our experience and our knowledge of the industry we can help you to find the product you really want.

Industry experts located in Europe’s heart

KARTONIMEX-INTERCELL GmbH is located in Düsseldorf. Here, our team focuses on the distribution of raw materials and products of the paper and board industry. We import and distribute pulp, waste paper, paper and cardboard. Delivered mainly from Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and the Americas to the German paper industry. Helmut Hafemann founded the company in 1975.

Together with partners, we have also opened up Eastern European and Asian markets. In Poland, Romania, Austria and Slovakia you will find partner offices. We have agents in Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul and New Delhi.
We meet the needs of the paper and board industry in a long-term and market-oriented manner. We solve problems in procurement, sales or financing and logistics.


Products that respond to our customers’ needs

Through our intensive networking in the industry, we can provide each customer with exactly the product he needs.


Kartonimex-Intercell offers a wide range of 20-30 different pulp fiber types.
Chemical pulp, wood pulp, deinked pulp, bleached / unbleached, sulphite / sulphate pulp and long and short fibre paper pulps are among the raw materials we sell. For our producers, we take over sales and sell their raw materials in Germany, Europe and Asia. Larger providers use us for niche and temporary productions, in cases in which they do not want to set up an extra sales department.

Our expertise

Through our many years of experience, we have built up professional knowledge. We know our products, their properties and their fields of application. In addition you can profit from our excellent network of contacts. Thus we can respond quickly to any demand and meet the needs and requirements of our customers and suppliers.


Our paper department distributes writing, printing and packaging papers.

As a pure trader without a production of our own we are active in main and niche markets.

We purchase and distribute products of standard quality as well as special items resulting from overproduction or deviating specifications.